Top 5 Most Common Causes of Property Loss

August 02, 2018

A house isn't just real estate--it's a home where families build memories. Is your home covered for the unexpected? We hope that by sharing these top five most common causes of property damage, we can help you protect one of your most valuable assets.

5. Theft (6%)
4. Weather-related water damage (11%)
3. Hail (16%)
2. Non weather-related water damage (20%)
1. Wind (24%)


Summer Grilling Safety Tips

July 04, 2018

Considering Charcoal or Gas Grill? According to the National Fire Protection Association, around 9,000 home fires involve grills with gas-grills accounting for 4 out of 5 of those fires. Whether you prefer the flavor of charcoal, or the convenience of gas, its important to follow various  safety tips for each. The basics for grilling safety are as follows:

1. Choose a safe space for your grill, 2. Only grill outside, 3. Keep the grill going on a cold day, 4. Remember post-grilling safety, 5. Teach kids grill safety

Check out the NFPA for more grilling safety tips!

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